Buy Real YouTube Views: Take Advantage of the Information Age

It’s not an accident that about 50% of all the video content that are posted on Facebook are taken directly from YouTube.  You could buy real YouTube views, and still have an organic growth rate due to the increased video attention.  However, the circles for expanding within Facebook are a little more limited.

You could upload a video on Facebook, and may have a possibility of being seen by some of your friends.  If your friends like it enough and they share it – it could also be seen by their own friends.  They have to enjoy the video for them to post it up for all their friends to see- and it goes on and on like that.  But this only happens by luck or chance.

You could uploadyour videos on the YouTube platform and you could alsobegin to buy YouTube views, but that still won’t get youenough attention on your videos.  Unless you know and you can figure out how to make a name for yourself.

This is when you develop a brand it is called that because it is a stamp on your identity.  It is a name, but it is also more than that.  A brand signifies a quality seal; it is a name that can be trusted by people.  It is a statement or symbol that tells the user something important about your personality, which is unique only to you.  That is the power of branding, and it cannot be underestimated when you decide to launch a campaign to market yourself online. If you don’t have a brandpeople can’tbe able to immediatelyidentify you?

You don’t begin by buying YouTube views as that will be a random shot in the dark, where you wait and hope to be successful.  You have to begin by crafting and marketing a brand that your target audience will associate and identify with you with easily.  Then buy real YouTube views later, to draw more people.  Brands establish a relationship between you and your audience, thus defining and expressing you.

Kalina Walther

With a love of all things designer that dates back to her days spent playing dress up in her mother’s closet, Kalina Walther has always appreciated the finer things. However, as a single mom with a tight budget, Kalina prides herself in her ability to discover the best replica designer bags and watches, which she often writes about on as a trusted contributor. When not researching replicas, Kalina enjoys spending time with her son, bringing the latest Netflix series, a tall glass of Pinot Noir, and the occasional hot room yoga session.