A Review of the Best Floor Jack for Your Garage

The hydraulic jack is important to all delivery services, and the floor jack is one of the numerous types of hydraulic jacks. They are very light in weight, which makes them more attractive for users, especially when compared with the heavy duty cranes. The jack is placed on the floor and is ideal for lifting all kinds of weight, be it pallets with clothes, drinks, ice or food. The best floor jack reviews for your garage have a plethora of floor jacks that can easily lift anything and this is a good thing for delivery services because it simplifies the lifting of any quantity of packages.

We can safely call the floor jack the delivery guy’s best friend. It is a gadget that is also used in warehouses, and indeed no warehouse can function effectively without the use of a floor jack. Heavier items are lifted in warehouses, and the fact that a floor jack is light means it’s particularly portable across the grounds.

A different kind of floor jack is one that is normally carried in the trunk of a car for changing of tires or brakes. This has a wide use in the automobile repair industry. The key advantage of jacks is not only their portability and lightweight but also the extensive assortment of weights they can carry.

Since we are already talking about floor jacks and hydraulic jacks, are the one and the same? They are the same in a sense, but to make it clear, the hydraulic jack is one of the many types of floor jacks you’ll find in the market. This is the best part to read if you want to learn more about the other types. You will then learn which one is best for your needs.

When and Why Use the Floor Jack?

In the automotive world, majority of the auto mechanics whether they are amateur or professional at a certain point will realize they need added clearance from the ground when they are working with their car. This is because they want to have better entry to different components that can be difficult if the car isn’t elevated. Common situations wherein the car needs to be lifted is to have access to its drain plug when it comes to oil changing. The other situation is when removing the car wheels while doing the tire rotation. The other common uses include changing of rotors and brake pads, suspension work, exhaust work and transmission work. Aside from lifting up the car, the floor jacks are sometimes used for lifting the motor for the purpose of providing added clearance right within its engine bay. A good example of this is during the replacement procedure of the engine mount.

Hydraulic Floor Jack

It was already introduced above about the use and review of a hydraulic jack. This is the easily recognized floor jack type because this is the commonly used type, not to mention most auto mechanics lean towards this because of its convenience and efficiency. This usually consist of the trolley and 4 wheels. In here is where you will find the hydraulic cylinder. This cylinder raises and then lowers the lever arm using the small platform which interfaces with the truck or car. The hydraulic floor jack mostly comes with its own detachable lever which is pumped by the user in order to operate its lifting mechanism.

One of the best advantages and the number one reason why the hydraulic floor jacks are very popular among auto mechanics and car owners alike is because it is very easy to use. It doesn’t require a lot of physical effort in order to lift up the vehicle. Added to that, it provides high maximum height wherein it allow the lift up the vehicle higher than any other types of floor jacks. The wheels located in the trolley will keep the jack positioned properly underneath the vehicle as it lifts it up. The only disadvantages that this jack comes with is the cost that you need to pay upfront and the that they can be heavier than any other types. They can be sizeable, too, making it less portable.

The other, less popular types of floor jacks are the scissor jack and the bottle jack. The latter is known for its other more popular name, piston jack. Just as their name suggests, these two are the in the almost literal name they got.

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